Crystal Ball & Tarot Cards


Crystal Ball Gazing

One of the first optically round crystal balls was used by the famous Dr John Dee, Court Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth. He used the crystal ball to choose the best day for the coronation of the Queen. His crystal ball can still be seen today in the British Museum in London.

Crystal balls are usually passed down families; used for a good luck and healing charm. In some cultures, young boys and girls were used for their abilities in the divination, as no one else was thought to be pure enough.

Crystal gazing is said to be more effective when the moon is waxing (on the increase). Some feel the greater the increase of the moon the greater the supply of the moons magnitisum in the crystal.  In astrology crystals are said to be influenced by the moon, as are the intuitive psychic powers of the mind.

How to use a crystal ball for gaining intuitive information is very popular, because it is the easiest method known by which astral vision may be trained.

Quartz Crystal is the best to use because of certain as atomic and molecular arrangements which tend to promote psychic powers and faculties. Many people are natural clairvoyants and after a short time and practice with the crystal ball readily see with their minds eye impressions received in the form of the picture from within the crystal.

The size of the crystal ball is less important than the clarity of the crystal.

Fingerprints are unimportant on the crystal ball, because one is looking inside the crystal. Quite often the crystal ball will look cloudy at first, it appears blurred, next the vision becomes clear and the crystal itself seems to disappear. Almost everything will disappear, because at that time you are in the type of daydream or trance state where you can see visions and hear voices, but not the physical eye.  Divination is always down to one individual interpretation to what is going on - past, present and future.

Crystal ball is the classic tool of the sixth sensed - second sighted-fortune tellers and clairvoyants used throughout history.  


"I dipped into the future,
Far as the human eye can see"

 St James Frazer



Tarot cards

There are the minor Arcana, forming the bulk of the tarot pack. They include 31 of the cards, except the tarot trumps (21 cards) which are known as the major Arcana. 52 cards in all.

Although there are several established westernised and easternize Tarot packs, there are numerous excellent examples and too many to mention.

Tarot Cards could be looked upon with some suspicion, but not so any more-  if used properly under spiritual guidance they are not in any way sinister.

Each individual reader has their own interpretation of the cards and should be recognised as such.