Look down at your hands. You may not realise it but that every aspect of your being is reflected there: your talents, your character, strengths, weaknesses are all displayed, as well as major events still to come in your life.

Through the centuries there have been doubts and suspicions about palmistry-this most harmless of divining arts-but now it is recognised as a valuable means of self-discovery and a accurate method of reading a person's character and destiny.

Many people automatically assume that palmistry is just about the lines on the hands . But the hand as a whole-their overall shape, including the fingers, nails and joints are just as important, because it reveals character. Together the shape and size of the Palm and the lines marked on it, show habits, actions - past, present and future events.

The hands are a barometer of health - health matters before an actual illness takes hold and manifests in the rest of the body - thus allowing preventative measures to be addressed and taken.

I read both the right hand and the left-hand of a person and present a non-judgmental objective professional opinion on what I see.

The left-hand shows the basic personality and predisposition as well as past and current events.

The right hand shows how the basic personality has changed or is likely to develop and indicates future events.

When reading the hands of the left-handed individual, one regards the right hand as the basic one, reflecting the present and past events and the left as the hand to the future (opposite way around the right-hander).



If a man look sharply, and attentively he shall see fortune: for though she is blind yet she is not invisible.

Francis Bacon