Clairvoyant - Spirit Reading

 My name is Jane Valentine and I am a medium.  I have been working with spirit all my life and professionally for over 30 yrs.  I have Clairvoyant and Clairaudient skills ( I can see and hear spirit ) And I have Clairsentient skills ( feel and sense the spirit) .

I can also practice transfiguration........

(when the spirit enters my physical being and I talk and display mannerisms of the spirit when on the Earth Plane).

I act as a medium to the spirit world and trust they grant me messages for the higher good of the individuals who come before me to be read.

Each read varies in the time span but can take on average from 20 minutes to an hour, dependent on what is there at that time in ones life.

I also do Platform work and group parties, but in the main I do individual sittings.

I can arrange with an individual A Lister or  person in the public eye, to be read at their choice of venue and agree in contract form to a confidential service -
 All Readings are strictly confidential.

We are all spiritual beings, trusting in our instincts is all part of our individual souls growth.  I can assure you a reading with myself would be enlightening and  enable you to have a better understanding of your life's journey on this Earth Plane and an awareness of your Guardian Angel at work, who walks with you through life ( and death).